Cobb Premier Griddle Plus


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Cobb Premier Griddle Plus

Order the Cobb Griddle Plus as an accessory to the Cobb Premier grill

With the new Cobb Griddle Plus, a new, more robust version of the popular, versatile Griddles is available for purchase. With the Cobb Griddle Plus as a grill plate, you can order the right accessories, which can be used to prepare meat and vegetables faster with a sturdier material insert and deeper grooves.

More robust grill plate with deeper grooves

The Cobb Griddle Plus is made from extra thick-walled aluminium and features smooth, deeper grooves. Together with the better air circulation provided by the new Cobb grill Plus, the heat is distributed more evenly on the grill plate and preparation at higher temperatures becomes possible. The individual grooves also serve to take up and remove fat, so that it does not get into the flame and an undesirable smoke during grilling, roasting or cooking occurs.

Safe to use and easy to clean

With the Cobb Griddle Plus, it is possible for the first time to put the Cobb roast grate (CO32) directly on the griddle. This was not possible with the basic version of the Griddles so far. In addition to this practical advantage, the Cobb Griddle Plus is used as an accessory of the grill usual handy and safe to use. Simply remove the griddle immediately after grilling the Cobb grill and clean the grill plate with soapy water after cooling down. As a result, the Cobb Griddle Plus always remains in a high quality and hygienic condition, to be used directly at the next barbecue.