Cobb Premier BBQ Kit with Fire Basket


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The Cobb BBQ Kit converts the Cobb Cooker into a BBQ. With an enlarged fire basket, you are now able to use up to 12 (no more) briquettes (400g) in the Cobb cooker, which will provide enough heat to ensure that you get that amazing flame grilled taste that we all love so much.

The extended Fire Basket allows you to increase the amount of coals you can burn, giving greater heat and the ability to cook food without the Dome Cover

  • The specially designed fire basket holds 12 briquettes increasing the heat that would normally be achieved
  • There is minimal flare up due to the specially designed BBQ grid channelling the majority of the fat away from the coals and into the moat
  • Manufactured from High End Food Quality Stainless steel suitable for dishwashers.