The Cobb™ cooking system allows you to cook an extensive variety of foods from succulent wine infused roast lamb, Spanish paella , fresh mussels in white wine broth or tender grilled eye fillet. There is no limit to what you can cook on a Cobb, anywhere! It’s a complete kitchen in a bag.


The unique design of the Cobb which creates even distribution of heat enables you to cook a roast to perfection. The moat which not only collects excess fat also holds flavoured liquids such as wine or stock which infuse the meat, making it beautifully succulent.


The Cobb is the perfect BBQ for picnics, boats or balconies. The base remains cool to touch enabling you to pick it up while cooking and it produces almost no smoke. Using the Cobblestone as fuel, the Cobb offers the speed of a gas cooker but is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.


The specially designed Frying Pan and Frying Dish/Wok makethe Cobb a truly versatile cooker. These two accessories allow you to cook a variety of dishes including: stews, pasta, curries, pizza, omelets or bacon and egg and much more.


The Cobb is great for baking bread, damper, cakes and pizza. Using the roasting rack for baking produces the best results.


The Cobb is an excellent smoker. To add a delicious smoky flavor to your fish or meat place a handful of damp smoking chips on top of the fuel (Cobblestones or BBQ briquettes).