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You are about to Liberate the Chef in you through the versatility of the Cobb™. Weighing only 4 KG, the fuel efficient Cobb uses only one Cobble Stone, ±300gms charcoal or 8-10 briquettes for up to 2 hours of cooking perfection.

This unique stainless steel portable cooking system is truly in a class of its own. Unlike typical BBQ grills, the Cobb can roast, bake, smoke, fry , boil and BBQ. While remaining cool-to-touch on the outside, you can cook anything, anywhere, anytime. The Cobb cooker can cook a ±2KG Chicken in just 1½ hours.

The Cobb reaches a high heat inside, while the stainless steel mesh base is completely cool outside.  Whether your taste is for steak, chicken, fish or vegetables, the Cobb cooks complete meals to succulent perfection!  Please explore our site further to learn more about the amazing Cobb Cooking System.

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The New Cobb Supreme

The New Cobb Supreme

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