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Cobb Premier PLUS

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Cobb Premier PLUS:

Robust construction and higher temperature

As a compact and versatile grill, the Cobb grill is the ideal companion for camping, boat trips or the local terrace. With the Cobb Premier PLUS, the manufacturer offers an improved version with numerous new features. With the new concept, the Cobb Premier + can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius higher temperature (recorded at 277+ degrees Celsius), which promotes fast and even grilling or roasting. Together with the sturdier, high-quality construction and various additional features, the Cobb Premier PLUS is a real highlight for all barbecue fans.

Better air circulation for higher degrees

A highlight of the Cobb Premier PLUS is the new lid with improved grip and a smarter air supply. The Premier+ burns on average 40 degrees hotter when compared to the standard Premier Cobb, which promotes the gentle and rapid preparation of grilled meat and many other dishes. The griddle has also been renewed as a grill plate inside the Cobb Premier +, which has deeper grooves and ensures a better distribution of heat energy. Maximum stability and safety are provided by the four spacers, also the base and the steel net have been renewed and contribute to a longer preservation of the core temperature. Thanks to the special design of the grill, the steel net stays cool during preparation, making it possible to safely touch and transport the Cobb Premier PLUS. Ideal, If you want to use the Cobb Premier + on your patio, boat or campsite, for example: B. in a weather change.

All around cooker

Of course, the new Cobb Premier PLUS will give you all the benefits you already know from the manufacturer’s Cobb Premier basic model. The versatile accessories not only make the Cobb grill a traditional grill for meat, sausages, and vegetables. Use the frying grate as an accessory to classic meat roasting or use the Cobb Premier + for baking, stewing and other forms of preparation. Like the Cobb Premier basic model, the Cobb Premier PLUS becomes a small all-rounder, giving you all the freedom to prepare delicious food.